End of Theme Article C100

End of Idea Essay C100

C-100 End of Theme Essay

DDE-ILE: C1719 February 2013

There are a myriad of topics covered through the Intermediate Level Education Common Core (C100) portion that are beneficial to Discipline Grade officials in the Armed service. These include classes ranging from symbology to organizational structure to individual creation plans. Following careful consideration of all the lessons launched in the C100 module, the most important and beneficial class that officers should certainly use throughout their time in the Army and long after they get away is C171 Effective Communication. Several areas will be resolved in this conventional paper: the importance of effective connection, things to consider although preparing and delivering the message, and tips on enhancing communication skills. This newspaper will show how come Effective Connection will assist Discipline Grade officers in their responsibilities over the subsequent 10 years. Connection is the means of exchanging details. Information can be conveyed not simply as terms but tone of voice, and gestures as well. Studies have shown that words take into account 7 percent of the information communicated. Singing tone accounts for 55 percent and body language accounts for 32 percent. To be effective communicators, Field Grade Officers must be aware of these forms as well as how to use them properly. 1 The importance of effective communication can not be over stressed. The old saying of making an excellent first impression can be directly relevant to how a single communicates. An officer's future boss will certainly form an impression first, depending on their body language and then in the first couple of sentences that are voiced or crafted. Most officials know this but in spite of the increased importance placed on interaction, many representatives continue to struggle with this skill and are not able to effectively communicate their thoughts and concepts effectively. 1United States Coastline Guard, Successful Communication. www.uscg.mil. (accessed several...

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